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Received my Noo noo today from Nicky Noo Noo This is a wonderfully simple idea – a gorgeous fleecey Noo noo with fringes at each end, nice and cosy. Definitely a hug in its own right. So … for yourself it’s for on the sofa when you’re having a bad day, snuggling when it’s chilly, snuggling a child or cat – easy! Oodles of play opportunities for little inventive people. Add to your bed, picnics, camping, a lovely wrap against the chills and filled with wonderful loving energy and hugs. I may see how many people I can get inside my Noo noo  Check out Nicky’s Facebook page and say hi and look at the lovely Noo Noo designs on www.nickysnoonoos.com and support another small business x x x

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